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Make Your RP Successful!

Make Your RP Successful! by being involved in somebody else’s

You finally find a role-play forum gurgling up the Siren’s song of promise. There are tons of threads, and on every breed of subject matter your eager little soul can conjure. More surprising, many of them have quality writing! Yes, even the occasional furry threads exude greatness. Navigating through it all is daunting, but hey, that’s a sign of healthy, growing community. Most importantly, a sign of activity. Too much activity to be spelunking through and finding a role-play that suits suit you, of course. So, instead, eager to prove yourself, you dive right in, and start your own role-play. 

An hour goes by, and nobody joins. A day passes, and still no response. After a week, you give up hope. Your role-play concept was genius, but those arrogant losers – those self-ingratiating trollops – obviously have no taste for superb talent such as what you graciously (and, lest we forget, humbly) offered. In disgust and dismay, you wander off to find a community where people will accept your natural brilliance.

I am here to offer hope! The first step is realizing just how socially inept you are. Hey, stop looking at me contemptuously. It is true. Moreover, we are all just as gimpy as you, because – and lets belly-up and face facts – we have all done it. 

You know that kid in the playground, by the swings, all by him or herself while the rest of the young’ns frolicked in ignorant bliss as he or she pined for a friend to rescue them from their oppressive ostracism? Three years later, someone finally did. With a rock to the face. They had to have twelve stitches. It got so bad, the kid’s parents were forced to move to a different school district, but the process inevitably repeated itself. By fourteen, he or she ended up in a dark alley snorting Doritos and injecting Novocain into their … but I digress. This isn’t about me. That could have all been avoided if the whippersnapper simply participated in that communal ritual called play.

While it is definitely encouraged that people start role-plays (this is RolePlayGateway.com, after all), doing so takes a wee bit more planning than just coming up with a good story and posting it on a forum. You need people! That’s right, I said it. People. Without people, you will be lacking that little thing called participation. They are not going to just flock to your pure grandeur, like some European supermodel to a poorly-dressed college dropout who happened to overdose on Axe one day; especially if you are new to the forum. So here are some tips regarding people you may need to consider:

  • People have their own gig – likely in their own, or their friends’, role-plays;
  • People are very unlikely to see your thread in the sea of content;
  • People may not realize they’re welcome to join your role-play (even if you make it painfully obvious);
  • People generally like to meet new people, so joining their role-play won’t bring the apocalypse.

Solution? Join an already active role-play, or several role-plays. Make friends, because friends are what will invariably keep you attached to the community long after the wow-factor fades away. When you are ready to start your own, you will have a core group to help you get it moving. A group of people you like and are comfortable with, which will make the experience all the better.

So, you have two options. You can start play with the other kids, or sit by the swings and hope somebody nice comes over and plays with you. Because if you leave, on account of nobody joining your role-play, and go off looking for another community where you’ll be appreciated, those are precisely the odds you’re up against.


4 comments for “Make Your RP Successful!”

  1. A nice point there, Circ. For many people, seeing a new member, regardless of any plainly evident skill, apprehension is a natural reaction. Just because this amazingly well written opener is pure genius, nothing indicates if the said person can continue that brilliance.

    By joining other roleplays, you can demonstrate your skill in a number of areas beyond simply creation of a story and setting – characters, progression of both character and plot, team-play, co-operation, writing style, the list can go on. However, as you show yourself to be skilled, more people will want to actively take part in anything you’re involved with. Including new roleplays.

    And, Circ, I just love your style – so brutally honest and to the point. You always make me chuckle.

    Posted by Effectual Immortality | September 30, 2008, 6:53 pm
  2. Thank you for your comment, Effectual Immortality. I try to entertain while mincing words. ;] And yes, you raise a good point, not only are you making friends when joining somebody else’s role-play, but advertising your own skill sets as a roleplayer.

    Posted by Circ | September 30, 2008, 10:42 pm
  3. i like to do a roleplay please

    Posted by justice | November 19, 2011, 4:35 pm
  4. So can you use this for ANY RP you make up, or are you assigned to do something based on a topic?

    Posted by Areina Jones | July 6, 2012, 5:37 pm

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