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Turning A Simple Sentence Into A Paragraph

Turning a small thought into a full-blown post can often be a difficult process. I stumbled into Joe Davis’ demonstration of exactly that process today, so I’m publishing it under the “Asides” category for everyone to enjoy.

Joe Davis presents “Telescopic Text” – an interactive demonstration of expanding upon content, word by word.


3 comments for “Turning A Simple Sentence Into A Paragraph”

  1. While the final, rather thick, description of his morning routine to make tea was perhaps a bit superfluous, the telescopic text certainly illustrates a possible thought process for a Roleplaying post hinging on some “single” action like “I shot the bandit”. The real content remains “shooting the bandit” but makes the post much more interesting to read.

    A great technique to use of those days when no “great” posts come to mind: just start expanding it word by word. Great find!

    Posted by Yuriy Zubovski | September 25, 2008, 6:38 pm
  2. Definitely an amusing demonstration of how you can expand your writing, to ‘pad out’ your roleplay posts.

    I agree with Yuriy that it is certainly superfluous, and perhaps goes a little too far in expanding the simple act of making a cup of tea. Perhaps, as a roleplay post, I would have included other than solely actions, and described such things as the slight blurred vision of half sleep, the groan of yet another misty day in the city, commenting on how the tea would warm my character for the day ahead.

    Perhaps this is another article, I don’t know, but what can also fill up a sentence is adding what I call ‘internal aspects’ relating to your character. Their thoughts, feelings, motivations, a little of their history. As an example on that final point:

    “As I had done habitually since that first day my, now deceased, father let me taste the warm bitterness of his black tea, I headed for the kitchen to make my own cup.”

    What I have found, through observations and conversations, is that new players who write perhaps one or two line only posts, do so because they only see the action… They don’t see the character as much more than a doll they move through their posts.

    Now, I’m not disagreeing with the telescopic text, as it gives an excellent demonstration on how one can expand posts, I just have a firm belief that adding words for the sake of adding words, that give no progression to the story of a roleplay or expansion on a character, is a pointless endeavour.

    I’m sure we all have read a seven or eight paragraph post that is full of, well, really, nothing. (See the link at http://www.roleplaygateway.com/how-say-nothing-500-words-lesson-writing-t7921.html)

    Posted by Effectual Immortality | September 30, 2008, 7:18 pm
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