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Word Misuse and Grammar Cheat Sheet

Originally posted on RolePlayGateway.com as “Word Misuse and Grammar Cheat Sheet”, by Ylanne:

Word Misuse and Grammar Cheat Sheet
Ylanne S.
I’ve noticed certain common mistakes in roleplay posts both in chat and in forums. Here’s a cheat sheet to use to avoid some common mistakes! Memorize it and impress your teachers or professors, or your boss, [...]

RolePlay 101: The Importance of Words

So, it’s been some time since last I posted in the RolePlay 101 series. Far too long, I reckon. Well, previously we discussed what RolePlay is, but before we begin anything else, let us think on the importance of words.
It is with noble sentiments that bad literature gets written.
André Gide says it pretty well here: [...]