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Bad Writing? How does it Work??

Originally posted on RolePlayGateway.com as “Bad Writing? How does it Work??”, by madscirat: The moonlight shone down on the place, unhindered. The gnarled parapets jagged upwards, like a bony hand of icy indifference. In the background there was a pigeon. Who knew how long the place had stood there? 40 years? 50 years? Tempus immemoria, [...]


  • Gnome Stew via Don’t Waste My Time: Tips for Keeping Your Games Moving. #
  • When we i.e. me talk about the subject of immersion we’re looking at more than just roleplaying and wandering around an online game world saying “hail, good sir” and taking every opportunity to talk about heaving bosoms any fantasy reader worth his or her salt will know exactly what I’m talking about here cough Robert Jordan cough. It’s not just about other people buying into the character that we play but, even more importantly, it’s about ourselves believing in the actions we do. Without immersion we wouldn’t believe in what we’re doing and we wouldn’t be able to make that connection in our brains between merely interacting with our PCs and existing in an online world. via Why Immersion Matters - We Fly Spitfires – MMORPG Blog. #
  • Campaign Mastery via When Inspiration Is Not Enough: Time Travel in RPGs, Part 1. #
  • When you decide to roleplay, a whole new world of imagination opens up to you -- soon you realize that all the World of Warcraft is a stage, and all the orcs and humans merely players. There are degrees to roleplaying. Some people like it "light," so that it never gets too intense, you never have to actually "work" to make your character profound or lore-worthy, and it's generally just a fun way to pass some time. Others like it "heavy;" they view their characters as works of art, taking special care to make their characters believable and interesting, and sometimes planning special roleplaying events for their guild to enjoy. Some even try to do everything in-character, from repairing armor to marking out targets with raid symbols. Recently I joined just such a full-immersion roleplaying guild, and have been trying out their particular style. To be fair, I still have a number of friends on my server that I usually speak out-of-character with, because that's what we're used to, but for everyone in this guild, I do my best to stay in character at all times, with everything my character says and does. To some this may seem like an unnecessary pain, but to others it's a fun experience. Here are a few of the advantages and disadvantages of this type of roleplaying. via All the World's a Stage: Pros and cons of total-immersion roleplay. #
  • One of the things that gave me pause when considering the move to Chrome from Firefox was having to give up the wide range of add-ons that the Mozilla service provides. But while Chrome can’t yet match Firefox’s huge extension ecosystem, it’s rapidly catching up, and many of my favorite “must-have” Firefox add-ons are are now available as Chrome extensions, or at least have Chrome equivalents. Here are the five Chrome extensions that I wouldn’t be without in the course of my daily blogging work: Read the full (original) article here: 5 Must-have Chrome Extensions for Writers and Bloggers/ #